Communication takes place on the recipient's terms

In the previous lesson you analyzed your target audience.

Now for the next step - to reflect on what is most important to your audience.

You have, of course, heard that communication always takes place on the recipient's terms. 

And this applies not only to people but also to animals.

I have a horse who thinks he's a dog.

From the beginning we had trouble getting along. He weighs 640 kg so I cannot move him where I want with my muscle power. It was not until I started treating him like a dog that we found each other for real. Since he was old, he simply didn’t feel like doing things he had no desire to do. Because I do not want to threaten (or use a whip), he saw the chance to demand respect and got it. Our new means of communication has led to many wonderful situations and oh, how I laughed. He is loose and follows me like a dog in the woods. He does this on his own initiative, not on command. 

Communication takes place on the recipient's terms. Always.

Your turn

Write down three things unique to your target audience. 

What triggers them to make a "move"?

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